My co-worker needed a wedding cake for a family member coming to Tybee Island to get married on the beach. I have never made anything like this, but after looking at the site I decided to try.

I started with a basic yellow cake and butter cream icing. The cakes were a 10in round, 8 inch round, and a 6 inch heart. I had an especially difficult time with the cake as I did not have enough time to freeze the cake before icing. That makes the crumbs easier to manage. The cake was very moist, but I had crumbs everywhere.

I managed a heavy crumb coat layer and added a second layer of frosting and managed to cover most of the crumbs. Decorating the cake was just a matter of trying different tips and patterns. I did not have a design in mind, it just worked itself out.

All of the shells, were make out of white chocolate morsels with red and pink coloring to tint them. I placed the shells on the cake and finished with some edible pearl beads.