I made this shoe cake for my sister-in-law for her birthday. I used three 9″ x 13″ pans. I trimmed them all down to more of a true shoe box size. I filled and covered the bottom two layers together with a strawberry filling and covered them with buttercream icing. (I was short on time and did not cover the bottom of the “shoebox” with fondant. I would like to do that the next time though).

Then I covered the top layer with buttercream and fondant. I offset the top just a little so it looked like it had been opened. I used blue fondant to make the tissue paper sticking out from the box.

The shoe was made from fondant. I made a pattern with parchment paper from an actual shoe of mine that I scanned and printed out the shape of the bottom and cut out a pattern. The shoe bottom and arch was supported by vitamin bottles and crumpled wax paper to hold the shape until dry. The top, back and heel was rolled and cut or shaped kind of like play-dough, until I was satisfied with the look and fit to the sole. ( I wanted a little texture on the “leather” so I placed a clean dish towel over the fondant and rolled over it to get a neat imprint) I used fondant cutters to make the flowers and leaves, painted them with a little luster and added a white fondant pearl. Everything was attached with water except the actual heel where I used a toothpick for extra hold.

I then gave her her very own shoe label! Renee’ was just piped on with tinted icing also the writing on the fondant “gift tag”. Also, some not so neat piping around the bottom of the box.

I’ll take my time with the next one and try to make it cleaner and neater. Live and learn!

Shoe Cake