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Coolest Skunk Cake

by Fariba
(Martinez, California)

Homemade Skunk Cake

Homemade Skunk Cake

Homemade Skunk Cake
Homemade Skunk Cake

My 5-year-old son likes to come up with interesting and slightly gross cakes for his father's birthday. This year he asked me to make a Skunk cake. The skunk has special significance in our family since our dog has been sprayed on three different occasions.

I looked on the Internet for an example to follow but was unable to find any skunk cakes. Finally I found that Betty has templates that anyone can print and use. So I took the body and tail of their "Rex" cake and then I modified the head from their "pony" template. I pieced the template together and measured the length from head to tail. The cake was going to be 18” long, which meant I had to buy a cardboard cake platter.

I used one yellow cake box mix and made two 9 inch round cakes. When the cakes were completely cool I cut out the pieces using the templates I had printed. To make the black frosting I used one can of ready-made dark chocolate frosting and then added black food coloring.

Starting with chocolate frosting helped me achieve the dark black color sooner. I used a little of the frosting to adhere the tail and head to the body. Then I covered the entire cake in the black frosting. Next my son used a can of white icing with a decorative tip to make the white stripe on the skunk and a smiley face. We could have done the same for the eye but my son saw a package of candy eyes at the store and really wanted to use that instead.

The final step for our cake was to somehow make it look as if the skunk was spraying it's bad odor. So I purchased a small container of green cotton candy and my son matted down large amounts of it under the skunk's tail. We also added small chocolate bits under the tail to make it look as if the skunk had gone to the bathroom. As I said earlier, my son wants the cakes to be slightly gross as a joke. We were all very pleased at the results. Most importantly, this cake was easy enough for a 5 year old to actively take part in the decorating process.

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Talented Family
by: Rosemary

Always knew there would be someone to follow in his grandfather's wonderful artistic talented footsteps.corona Seems his grandson has not only a great imagination but a wonderful sense of humor as well. How bleassed we all are. Can't wait to see his Mom's cake:)

by: Anonymous

That is awesome. I love it. Fun for the kids but looks like doable for mom too.

Awesomely Cool Skunk Cake!
by: Donna S.

Very cool cake!! I especially like the green "odor". Great idea Daniel and job well done by both you and your mom! Cant wait to see dad's birthday cake next year!

Gross, but cute!
by: Karen

Gross, but cute. Hope Daddy enjoyed it all down to the last stinkin' bite. What will he think of next?!? Very imaginative use of templates and embellishments...ewhhh!

My August cake vote
by: Isaac G (age 6) and his mom Nicole

I "like" this cake, sure to be August's winner! A sure "like" for all little boys, whose loves include burp, poop, booger, and anything stinky, jokes. (As my son makes the universal fake fart noise...)

Great skunk!
by: Tina

Very creative. And how wonderful to fulfill the vision of a 5-year old. Well done.

Very unique!
by: Monique

Great job! Very creative and fun. I love that you and your son worked on this together and he sounds like a very creative kid. The cake sounds yummy.

Very clever!
by: PDell

A little gross, but clever!

by: Anonymous

Absolutely adorable! I love the idea of using green cotton candy for the stink!

Cool cake
by: Suzanne

Looks like fun to make!

Great Skunk Cake!
by: Anonymous

Excellent Cake!

Awesome ...
by: Doris K

My favorite!

that stinker
by: julia

A very clever idea. The idea shows alot of imagination and love. Great skunk cake and I beat it smelled heavenly.

Aren't you Clever
by: Lynda Dyer and Family

This was a great idea. You and Daniel are SOOO!!!! creative. This was a great idea as a memory cake and something Dad didn't have to wash off - unless of course he is a messy eater. Jessie would love this cake - funny and yummie.

Super Cool!!
by: Anonymous

What a great cake for a 5 year old to come up with!! Super cute!!

Sweet and smelly
by: Ann W

Looking forward to next year's cake and another unique idea by Daniel

So Cute
by: Sonya

Wow, that is a clever and original cake. Sounds like it tasted better that it 'smelled' Nice that your son likes to be in the kitchen creating with you : )

great cake!
by: venus

This cake is detailed perfectly! I can picture a five yr olds excitement while making that cake. great job guys!

Skunk cake
by: minoo

How did it smell? Kidding! Very very creative. Deserves to be a winner.

Fun to watch
by: Anonymous

I was there while the two worked on the cake. It was fun to watch the delight on our grandson's face as he was directing his mother as to what he wanted to do! Definitely a prize cake! I love the imagination!

by: Lynne

This is an adorable cake. I LOVE it! So creative and fun :)

by: Kim Britton

Very cute! What a good idea! We may try that for an upcoming birthday! I'm not creative at all, so I like the easy to do ideas! Keep posting your creations.
I believe they've found their winner!

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