I think this would have to be the easiest foolproof birthday cake ever.

There is no baking! and it must be prepared the day before, making you even more organized for the party. The cream soaks into the ripple biscuits turning them soft and cakey.

Step one, make the head and tail. I used a very simple marshmallow fondant to shape the head. Simply melt some white marshmallows with a little water until runny and then add sifted icing sugar until it resembles playdough. Add coloring and there you have it. I looked at the snake books that my kid has to get the shape and used lollies for the eyes and a snake lolly for the tongue.

The tail is just rolled out, I ran out of space on the board for a better tail.

Hint. Measure the width of the fridge it will be kept in so you know the maximum length of the cake board.

Start with a packet or two (depending on how long the snake is going to be) of chocolate ripple biscuits. Wip up 900mls of cream for one packet of bikies with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a little sugar.

“Draw” the snake body shape in cream on the prepared board making sure to leave enough space for the head and tail. There has to be enough cream to hold the bikies in place and soak into the bikies. Then it is simply stick the biscuits together to make a log. I broke some in half to fit into the curves, and to join the head and tail.

And then cover the whole log with cream. Place the head on and roll the tail to fit. Let it sit overnight in the fridge. Decorate with m&m’s or smarties or you could even just colour the cream. I remember my Mum making this cake for my brother every year, not as a snake but just as a log, and I thought how easier would that be rather than baking ring cakes and cutting them and fitting them together.

You will be surprised at how rich it is. It is also a great idea to cut the slices on an angle so you get the cake and cream in diagonal lines. Looks and tastes great.