I made this Snow White Birthday Cake by using a basic sponge recipe, 5 eggs, 315g self raising flour, caster sugar and margarine and 155g plain flour and using a 2.5 liter oven proof bowl. As the bowl is quite deep it could take anywhere between 1hour 30mins to 2hours for the mixture to bake.

I began by trimming the crust from the cake and cutting the base flat using a serrated knife. I then had to add some sugarpaste to the top of the cake to create extra height and shape. This ensured that there was a proper waist to the cake as it was fairly flat on the top beforehand. I just molded the icing around the cake until it looked right.

I then spread a layer of buttericing over the cake, using a mixture of 100g of margarine and 200g icing sugar. I coloured some sugarpaste yellow using food colouring pastes as I find they give the icing a better colour and are less sticky than normal food dyes. This was then used to cover the cake completely leaving a slight overhang at the bottom so the skirt was a good length then I trimmed off any excess. I made sure there was lots of folds in the skirt so that it looked more lifelike.

I decided not to use a plastic pick for this cake as I thought it would be more realistic making it from sugarpaste. It was quite tricky and time consuming but I think it was well worth it.

I begin making the bodice by molding dark blue paste into a chest/body shape, then I added light blue puffs to the shoulder area using ball shapes. Sausage shapes were rolled out for her arms with cream coloured paste and a ball shape tapered off at the bottom to make the head and neck area I assembled all this together using sugarglue. Black sugarpaste was used for her hair, white for the cape and red tear shapes for on the puffs. Edible writing pens were used to mark on her features.

I finished off the cake with some little blossom flowers around the bottom of the dress and I gave her a bouquet of flowers. I used a blossom plunger to make these.

Snow White was the little girl’s favourite Disney character and she loved the cake.