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Coolest Snowlady Cake 11

by Christine
(Deptford, NJ, USA)

Red Hat Society Christmas Cake

Red Hat Society Christmas Cake

When my Mom asked me to make a Christmas cake for her Red Hat Society party, the first thing I did was look online for ideas. I found a picture of a Red Hat Snow lady on a fabric swatch and fell in love with it. I decided to make the fabric my design on the cake.

She wanted a full size sheet cake, so I baked two 11 x 15 cakes and placed them side by side. Once the cakes cooled I frosted them in purple buttercream icing. I let them get a nice crust on them and then smoothed the surface with wax paper and a fondant smoother. I like to use Viva paper towels for this because the wax paper can stick, but I didn't have any. Next, I used a metal cake tester to draw the snow lady on the cake. You can use a toothpick for this too. I freehanded the drawing, but you can make a stencil and trace it on.

Then I used tip # 3 to outline the entire design and draw the eyes, nose and mouth with black icing. Next, I used star tips # 16(small areas) and # 21( large areas) to fill in the snow lady with white, red and purple icing. I used tip #3 to fill in the nose, mittens and purse handle.

Once it slightly crusted, I used my finger dipped in cornstarch to smooth the areas. For the message I used tip #5 to write in white, smoothed it when slightly crusted, and then used tip #3 to write over it in red, smoothing again when slightly crusted. I used tip #3 to draw and fill in the holly berries and leaves using the same smoothing process.

To finish the snow lady cake, I used tip #21 for the shell bottom border and tip #5 for the line framing on top with tip #21 shells in the corners. My Mom and her Red Hat Society friends went nuts over the cake!

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