I made this soccer cake for a friend of a friend. It was may first time working with fondant, so I don’t have many tools and had to improvise.

The base is just a regular yellow sheet cake, with colored vanilla frosting. I cut out a section to fit the soccer ball in. I started with the soccer ball made of rice Krispie treats with a thin layer of vanilla frosting to help the fondant stick. I purchased black and white fondant for a Micheal’s store. Rolled it out and used a template for the pentagon and polygon shapes that I made out of wax paper and cut them with a pizza cutter (like I mentioned I do not have the correct tools). I started with the black on top and worked around and down. As I worked my way down I realized I did not do my measurements correctly for the size of the ball I made, so the shapes towards the bottom didn’t fit correctly and I have to do some

re-cutting and squeezing in.

My finished soccer ball… the panic set in, it started as a perfect beautiful ball on top, and as it got towards the bottom looked like someone deflated it! So… I figured I’d cover it part of the way up, which is when the grass idea came in! I frosted the sheet cake light blue on top about 3/4 the way. Then green the other 1/4 and around the sides (all the vanilla frosting). Then I took my remainder of white fondant and put a few drops of green food coloring in and kneaded it in. I then rolled it out, and with my trusty pizza cutter cut out each individual blade of grass. I cut them different lengths and thicknesses.

I then placed them all along the outside of the cake and around the soccer ball, sometimes layering more than one. Some I tried to position, and some I just let naturally fall. I continued on to the top of the 1/4 of the cake that I frosted green, being sure to alternate and twist around the blades positions to get it to look more real.

I printed the birthday message on and was done! This cake did take me a quite long time, and was quite a disaster in the beginning (oh did I mention I found out my oven does not sit level and the sheet cake was uneven!), but in the end turned out to be one of the best cakes I’ve ever done!