This is my Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake I made for my boyfriend’s 24th birthday, he’s been a fan for a long time. This is also my first attempt at making a shaped cake, and making or using fondant icing. Big project! I got the photo from the internet, and actually found another person that used the same image later, but mine’s done as a flat cake instead of actually shaping the contours.

I baked a 9 x 13 chocolate cake and used a print-out of the picture which I had blown up and cut out in the full size I wanted the final product to be. I had the cake laying on waxed paper on the board (keep things clean!) and turned the photo upside down. I cut around the picture so the cake was shaped like sonic the hedgehog. I did the legs and feet separately from the head and body to minimize waste.

I cut the pieces in half horizontally and filled them with my cherry jam mix i made, although the cake was too soft to lift the body layer off in one piece.. I cut the top layer in half instead and used a palette knife to lift both sides up.

I then flipped the cake over with the help of some extra card board by sliding the cake pieces onto board with the wax paper and then placing the real cake board upside down….flip!

Froze the cake for about 30 minutes at least before crumb coating, and then for about 30 minutes again before decorating….

On to decorating, made marshmallow fondant, covered the legs, feet then body, made the details and attached them and finally, piped decorative border around the bottom to hide those seams. Note: all the black outlining on the actual cake is fondant rolled, cut into strips, then rolled by hand into little lines. (this paragraph is understated considering it took me about 4.25 hours to decorate all together. haha, not including anything before the crumb coat.

Thanks for looking!