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Coolest Spaghetti And Meatballs Cake 8

by Ree Kamenitz
(Freehold, NJ)

Dinner or Dessert?

Dinner or Dessert?

This spagetti and meatballs cake is a fun cake to make & always receives ooohs & ahhhhs whenever I make it. The cake part underneath is any ordinary cake mix or scratch cake. Make 2 8" rounds & cut off the ends to make it oval. Place it on an oval tray or dish.

Make buttercream frosting with a little yellow food coloring to make it look like real pasta. (see below).Meatballs are chocolate truffles I make the day before & refrigerate. (see below)
Frost the oval cake & then put remaining buttercream into an ordinary plastic bag & snip off the end & pipe the swirls up & down & over leaving a small well in the middle top of the cake. Or use a pastry bag with # 4 or #5 tip.

Then take 20 oz of strawberry preserves & warm on stove or microwave but do not cook to long,just enough to loosen it & make it pourable. Place meatballs over the well you left, & spoon syrup over all,letting it drip a bit down the side. To finish, grate white chocolate on top for the Parmesan cheese look!

Make sure you make enough buttercream frosting, use 2 lbs of 10X sugar, 1+1/2 cups of unsalted butter, 1 TBS vanilla extract & 1 Tbs of milk. 8 drops of yellow food coloring & 1/4 teas cocoa to make it look like real pasta, not too white.
Meatballs are made from 4 oz softened cream cheese. 1/2 teas vanilla extract, 2 cups 10 X sugar, 1 cup semi sweet choc chips, melted & cooled & 1 cup finely chopped walnuts if desired.

Beat cream cheese with vanilla & gradually add in 10 X sugar, then chocolate. Stir in nuts if desired & shape into balls with small cookie or ice cream scoop.

Assemble cake with meatballs & top with grated white chocolate.

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by: Anonymous

look really good!!!

Love it!
by: Anonymous

you live really close to me and my 4 year old is having a cooking party on June 22 making spaghetti and meatballs - would you be willing to make the cake for us? If so, how much would it cost? I can come pick it up - PLEASE ;-) it's so cute!

reply to annoymous about cake
by: Ree*

I am so sorry I didn't respond to this asking me to make it for your son's 4th bday. I lost this page & just now found it & it is Jan 11,2011.
I would definitely make it for you, but have no email address for you. If u see this now after these years, I will make it whenever u want, just leave a post & I will keep cking back.

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