My son loves Oso, so I made this Homemade Special Agent Oso Cake for his 2nd birthday. It was complicated, but mostly because I was making it up as I went along. I used a round pan for his head with a small bowl for his nose. Rice crispy treat mix was mixed and shaped into his ears – however if I could do it over I wouldn’t used cake mix as it’s easier to frost.

Then I shaped a rectangle cake into his chest. I used yellow colored frosting for his body with white on his belly. I lined the ears with blue fruit roll-ups, used red licorice to line his mouth and vest. Filled in his vest with chocolate sprinkles. Sprinkled white shaved coconut on his white chest to give it a fuzzy look. For the eyes I used a marshmallow cut in half with a whopper candy cut in half. Another half a Whopper for his nose, blue candy sprinkles around his eyes and two white mints for his teeth. The digi metal was printed off