I made this Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea for my son’s 5th birthday. I found the Spiderman candle at Target and was inspired from there. I bought 5 frozen pound cakes. Pound cake was a tip I learned HERE from another Coolest Birthday Cake maker. The pound cake is denser and less likely to fall over than regular cake and easier to frost. I think having the cake frozen made it easier to frost too, but it was harder to cut.

I leveled off the top of each pound cake (to make it flat with no dome). Then, I cut off the ends to make the corners square too. Instead of cutting each cake in half, I cut one side a little larger than half to make one stack of rectangle cakes and one stack of square cakes. The larger building is made up of 5 of the rectangles stacked up with frosting in between layers. The small building is 4 of the squares stacked up with frosting in between layers. A couple of times I had to “shim” the layers with the unused cake domes to make the building level again. I used a little remnant of cake to make the small square on top of the small building. I pushed some cake dowels down the middle of the towers to add more stability because I needed to transport the cake somewhere else.

I frosted the both buildings with white icing made grey by adding black food coloring. The windows and doors are made out of rolled fondant cut into squares (windows were made with a small square cookie cutter and doors with a knife). I dried out the fondant squares by putting the pieces on a plate and stetting them aside for a few hours to make them stiffer. Before putting the windows on, black icing was piped around the sides to make panes, door frame, and knobs. I found it was easier to make them stick if icing was put on the back of the window and then put on the cake, rather than just pushing them onto the side. Black icing was also piped around the base of the building.

The streets are made of trimmed black cardstock. I just used a silver metallic pen to draw the lines on. The words were cut out of red cardstock using my Cricut machine and stuck on the foil wrapped cake board. The candles were put on last. I tried to make webs by freezing piped white icing – my plan was to make it span across the two buildings, but it failed. My son still loved it though and the guests said it tasted really good.