This Spongebob Birthday Cake is my very FIRST attempt at a birthday cake ever! I am usually a cupcake kind of girl, but when presented with the challenge of making this Spongebob birthday cake in two days, I somehow found the courage and determination to step up to the cake plate! It was a stressful and exciting experience.

I pretty much had nothing to begin with, so off to the cake store I went. I used and 11X15 cake square cake pan, I used a half sheet cake bord to serve as the base for Spongebob.

We all love the way fondant looks, but sometimes kids dont approve of the taste so I did the majority of the cake with decorators buttercream, and minor decor with fondant. The decorators buttercream is a higher ratio formula that will withstand heat and is also a lot easier to decorate with! The taste was better than expected. I did add extra confectioners sugar to make it a little sweeter, since high ratio shortening can have a sort of waxy taste. For the shape I shaved the sides down just a bit because he would have been too wide otherwise. I mixed up the buttercream with a gel past color called lemon yellow. I used quite a bit to get BOB’s famous yellow. I used a small frosting spatula to smooth on the buttercream. I added some texture to the edges by piping on some waves to resemble a curvy sponge, rather than carving up the cake for the curvy edges.

Now on to the fondant, I am an amateur at fondant to say the least. This project was simple for the fact that I just needed two rectangular strips to lay across Bob for the shirt and pants. I got a few cracks on the sides but just patched them up with more fondant.

Now for all of the fun Spongebob characteristics! I free handed a lot of the decor, like the tie, the mouth, teeth, tongue,nose, smile lines, feet and hands. For all the circles I used a pack of assorted circle cutters that worked great! The key is getting the proportions just right so it looks like the real spongebob. I got lucky that it worked out well without using a stencil, but I think a stencil would be valuable if doing a more detailed facial expression. So that’s it! That’s easy if I could do this in 5 hours I know you can do it too!