So, this was one of my very first cake to make on my own. It was for one of my friend’s husband’s birthday. I got the idea from a picture somebody else had posted in here (cake added as extra pic) and then gave it my own little touches.

Everything on the cake was made from scratch, the batter is a simple “plain cake” to which I like to add vanilla (white), almond extract and vanilla rum. These gave the cake such a good flavor! Also, after the cake is baked, I add syrup to it to make it moister (not everybody likes this but I LOVE IT!). If you’re up for the syrup, it’s just a simple syrup to which I add a little almond extract and the same vanilla rum (which completely evaporates the alcohol since the syrup is hot when you add it).

The icing is, to my best understanding, royal icing. I say to my best understanding because: I’m from Puerto Rico. My mom taught me how to make this, but we don’t really call it any other way.. just ICING! So I did some research and royal icing is the one that fits the better to my recipe. TIP: careful when making the yellow icing, I had forgotten that icing darkens as it dries and ended up with a little less than Neon Yellow which is the right color for Spongebob.

Spongebob was really easy to make. I used a square shaped pan instead of a rectangular one. I hand-drew the Spongebob to the cake with a toothpick and then proceeded to fill in with icing using mostly tip No. 18 and No. 2 for the lines.

The pants and the sleeves of Spongebob are not edible. I made them out of little foam cups which I cut and covered with icing. The hands, legs and shoes are also not edible. I sculpted them out of clay (the one that gets hard in the oven) and insert them on the cake.

Overall it was pretty simple, it didn’t took too long to decorate and everybody loved it!