After making a perfect Barbie Doll Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, my son requested a Spiderman Cake for his!! I came across this website, when I was looking for an idea. The Spiderman Cakes didn’t really look that great and other users wrote that working with red food coloring is not easy , so I was not convinced. Just beside the Spiderman Category the pictures of Spongebob Cakes caught my eye. My son loves Spongebob just like Spiderman and the simple shape of his body appeared less complicated, so Spongebob it was!

I can really recommend choosing a Spongebob Cake Design, his facial features are much simpler than those of most characters and the bright yellow is easily achieved with a few drops of yellow food coloring. I used simple buttercream icing. (500ml milk made into custard with 100g sugar, after cooling beating in 200g of butter).

Inspired by other users that shared their experience (THANK YOU!), I used a rectangular baking sheet. I photocopied a picture of Spongebob to the actual size of that sheet. I cut of a few cm at the bottom and used them for the pants and legs. Like others suggested I used Hohos for feet and Twinkies for arms.

First I outlined the face with a toothpick on the buttercream (also learned that here, thanks again!!), then I lay licorice snails, that I unrolled on that draft (sure the kids hate the taste of licorice, but the result was really amazing.) I made a simple royal icing (1 egg white, 300 gm Icing sugar, 2 Tbsps Lemon Juice), and filled the licorice outlines with the appropriate colors, as well as covering the legs, socks tie, shirt, etc.). Handling the icing was easier than buttercream. You can smooth it with a hot knife. Also buttercream wouldn’t be white enough for Spongebob’s eyes!!

My cake was not very high, if you expect a lot of guests, you could double the height and feed more. Others added his typical green spots, but I liked the way he looked without them, so I just left them out. My son loved the cake and was very proud when all his friends were really impressed.

It wasn’t that hard to do it, you can do it too!