My friend’s daughter loves Spongebob right now so I made this Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Cake for her birthday. This cake has a lot of candy ingredients, but once you get everything ready to go, it doesn’t take too long to actually decorate (I would recommend covering the bread sticks in icing and cooling overnight in the fridge. Also cutting the airhead parts before decorating will save time later).

I used Swiss cake rolls for the upper legs and upper arms, the bread sticks for the nose, lower legs, lower arms and sign edges, airheads for the eyes (with M&M pupils), teeth, tongue, cheek, tie, and sock lines, marshmallow cookies for the shoes, black licorice for the belt and eyelashes, and gumdrops cut in halves for the sponge holes.

This cake was for around 25 people, so I used a 11 X 15 pan. The icing is buttercream which I tinted with Wilton golden yellow and saved some of the white for the shirt, and store bought milk chocolate icing for the pants. First I trimmed the bottom corners off the cake at a diagonal and iced the cake in the three sections. Then I used a small glass to trace an outline for the eyes and filled in the circles with white buttercream and outlined with chocolate. I traced the face with a toothpick, and outlined in chocolate and filled in the mouth.

Then I outlined the collar with chocolate, and added the tie (which is outlined in chocolate also) and belt of black licorice. At the end I added all the airhead details and gumdrop sponge holes. I inserted the lower arms and legs into the Swiss cake rolls and attached the marshmallow cookies as shoes. The hands and squiggely line around the body are piped icing with a Wilton tip #12, and the background of the Happy Birthday sign is more chocolate icing.

This cake was a blast to make and also tasted really good!