This Star Wars Cake is 8 layers, 2 10″ rounds for the base, 4 6″ rounds for the middle and 2 4″ rounds for the top. These are chocolate and I used white homemade icing from a recipe I found at for buttercream icing. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER WHEN MAKING THIS CAKE IS TO LEVEL THE CAKES SO THEY DON’T TILT, mine tilted a little and I wish I would’ve been more focused on leveling.

When I stacked the middle, I used shish kebab skewers and put about 4 through the cake to anchor it, then placed the top 2 layers and secured them the same way. I then used a lot of black gel food dye to tint my icing the darkest gray I could. It ended up drying as close to black as I could get it, and I frosted the entire cake.

I printed a photo of the Star Wars logo and freehanded the logo with the tip of a skewer to outline it, then traced it with bright yellow icing and a thin writing tip. I did a Google search for a film strip and found one,cut out the white background, searched for movie stills from Star Wars and copied them and pasted them behind the film strip cut outs. I made multiple copies of the film strip and taped them together and circled the top and bottom layers.(If you are making this cake ahead of time, measure these but don’t put them on until you get ready to show the cake because the oil will stain the paper if it soaks in).

The light sabers are skewers that I covered in colored marshmallow fondant (melted marshmallows and powdered sugar and a dab of water). I let them dry overnight before crossing them and stabbing them into the top of the cake. This cake traveled well across town and got some wow’s and was relatively easy to make if you can bake a round cake and can use the computer!