My daughter had been talking for months about wanting a Strawberry Shortcake cake for her birthday. By the night before I still hadn’t figured out exactly how to do it. I looked on this site for some ideas and realized I had a bowl exactly the right shape (Pampered Chef 2 qt batter bowl) for making a Strawberry Shortcake house.

I greased and floured the sides of the bowl and used one boxed cake mix (that I’d mixed in a different bowl. I cooked it at the same temp, but it took a lot longer to cook. It also takes a while to cool. I didn’t do any sculpting of the cake since it naturally curved up as it cooked and I just filled in the cracks with frosting.

I used buttercream frosting and the Wilton coloring gels. I started by frosting the plate and putting the colored coconut on it. I frosted the strawberry on a different plate and then transferred it and then did the other detail-type work.

The strawberry isn’t as red as I would have liked because I ran out of the red dye gel and didn’t have time to go get more. I couldn’t find my regular small tip, but I often use small plastic bags with the corner cut of for that type of work anyway, so I don’t have as much to wash and don’t have to worry about transferring the tip so many times, but some of the details would have turned out a bit better if I’d been using the real tip.

For the windows I piped the frosting on and then spread it smoother with a knife. I planned to do the same thing with leaves on top, but ended up liking the effect with the texture. For that I used the star tip, but just made lines with it.

I started with the outline of the leaf and then did more lines inside until it was filled in. I found the picture of Strawberry Shortcake on the American Greetings site as one of their coloring pages and reduced the size and colored it myself with colored pencils.

Total decorating time was an hour or hour and a half. I didn’t have much more time than that before her party was starting.