For my daughter’s 4th birthday, she requested a Tangled Cake. After looking through my own books for ideas and also visiting this website I had enough ideas to put this cake together. She loved it and was asking if it was cake time all afternoon!! Rapunzel is a purchased doll.

I made a square cake for the garden and a round cake for the house. The tower was simply an upside-down plastic cup. Ahead of time, I used scissors to cut spearmint leaves as plants, collected choc coated sultanas, M&Ms etc, and colored ready roll icing brown to make stones, door frame and colored more icing pink to make tiny flowers using a play dough mold.

To put it together, I placed the round cake on a side plate, rolled white icing around the sides, used an ice cream cone as the turret and pre-purchased purple fondant for roof tiles. Windows were cut using the same purple fondant and window sills were raw almonds.

I used melted chocolate to cover the plastic cup and stick the stones, M&Ms etc around the sides. I put it on the square cake, put a few cake off cuts on one side as a hill and spread the rest of the melted chocolate over the top of the cake. I made some green butter cream and spread a few patches as garden and covered another cake off cut completely and stuck it onto a Flake as a tree.

I left the top (house) aside until we were ready to sing Happy Birthday, as I was conscious that my square chocolate cake was not solid enough to hold the weight of the round house, and it was also on a slight angle, like maybe it would fall! (it was fine, I think I was just paranoid). If I was to do this again, I’d ensure the plastic cup was level in order to balance the house on top, and also ensure I had enough chocolate to cover the sides of the base and didn’t have to use a ribbon!