I made this tea party cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She was having a tea party themed birthday so I thought this would be perfect. As I anticipated it was a big hit.

I used a Wilton ball cake pan to make the cake for the teapot. I used a yellow cake mix, but you can use any recipe you wish. I did use less oil to make the cake more firm though. The handle, spout and lid are all fondant. I used wooden dowels to attach them to the cake.

The teacups are devils food cupcakes. I just cut of the tops. These handles were also fondant attached with toothpicks. The saucers were sugar cookies.

I first lightly covered each item in buttercream frosting(make sure all of your items have completely cooled before frosting). This is called a crumb coat. I then cooled everything in the fridge overnight. This lets the crumb coat set and helps firm up your cake for decorating.(Cake absorbs odors and that will change the flavor so do make sure that you don’t have anything in your fridge that will contaminate the flavor of your cake.)

I drew out a couple of different designs on how I was going to decorate everything. Then I let my daughter pick her favorite. I used neon and white colored fondant, and to make the teacups look like they had tea in them I iced the tops with brown and white icing gel.

To add the fondant I first kneaded and rolled it out(make sure that your surface is sprinkled with powdered sugar or cornstarch first so the fondant won’t stick). Then I again frosted the cake with buttercream frosting and quickly placed the rolled out fondant over the cake and smoothed it out.

I repeated these steps with the cupcakes and cookies, and placed everything in the fridge to firm up before decorating (fondant will become soft with heat).

Then I decorated everything using extra buttercream frosting to stick my fondant decorations to the cake and cupcakes, and placed it all back in the fridge until the party.

For the very first birthday cake that I have ever made I think it was a success!