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Coolest Tea Pot Cake 49

by Pam
(Champaign, IL)

Homemade Teapot Cake

Homemade Teapot Cake

I had seen such cute teapot cakes, and I finally got a chance to make my own teapot cake!

A couple of days ahead, I tinted some Wilton gumpaste with Wilton delphinium blue gel food color, and formed the spout and the handle and the little ball on the top of the cake. I inserted bamboo skewers into the spout and large handle so I could stick them into the cake later. I let the items dry on a wax-paper-lined cookie sheet, turning them after a few hours so they would dry on both sides.

I used a pound cake recipe so the cake would be firm and hold its shape. I baked the cake in the Wilton sports ball pan, and also baked a 6 inch round to put in the middle, in between the two halves of the sports ball.

When I was ready to assemble the cake, I cut a small slice off of one of the halves of the sports ball, so that it would sit level without falling over, then attached it to the base with a dab of icing.

I then stacked and filled the cakes, and gave them a light coat of icing. I waited for the icing to crust, and then patted all over with paper towels to smooth out the frosting. Then I rolled out some fondant and used a cutter to cut the flowers. I let them dry inside the sports ball, to give them some dimension.

I tinted the rest of the fondant delphinium blue, and covered the whole cake with it.

Then I used a pizza cutter and traced around a small bowl to cut out a large circle to be the "lid". A brush of water on the top of the cake before applying the "lid" made it stick.

(Since I did not have to trasport the cake, I did not bother putting a dowel or lollipop stick down the center, but you could do that before applying the "lid".)

I stuck the flowers on with dabs of water, and then piped spirals of yellow-tinting frosting in the centers.

Last, I took the gumpaste items and stuck them in place (used a dab of frosting to hold the ball on top), and rolled a thin "snake" of fondant to wrap around the spout joint to fill in a gap there.

Happy tea party!

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by: Anonymous

I love your teapot cake! I was going to try to make a pitcher of lemonaide for a lemon cake but I'm not quite up to that challenge yet, and didn't have enough height, so I googled teapot cake images and yours is the absolute best! Thank you for posting how you put the cake together also!

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