When he turned one, I made him cupcake cones. When he turned two, a delicious school bus cake. How was I going to surprise him this year? With a gigantic candy train cake!

My little man loves Thomas the train, so when we decided to have a Thomas the Train party I immediately started looking for cake ideas. I originally was going to just do a sheet cake with tracks and trains, but then thought, hmmmm, 5 loaf pan cakes decorated as a train would be a lot more fun!

I am a horrible baker and try to stay away from it as much as possible, but once a year, I overcome my fears and go for it!

So, basically I just made 5 loaf pan cakes (different flavors) and put them in the freezer for 2 days. I set up a large board with green paper and drew train tracks in an upside-down u-shape that I could place the 5 cakes on. The night before the party, I frosted each cake with different colors, slid them onto the tracks, and then the fun REALLY began.

I used licorice for the sides and tops of the train and different candy as “cargo” in each boxcar. For the engine I used a hostess cupcake for the smokestack with marshmallows as the “smoke”. I also cut off a part of a different cake to use as the back of the engine. Finally I used Oreo cookies as the wheels, Hershey candy bar squares for the windows, and a large “Maria” cookie which I drew Thomas’s face on for the front of the engine.

My little boy was so amazed when he walked downstairs to see this Thomas Candy Train Cake on the kitchen counter! Worth every minute! It was very tasty and the kids loved choosing which piece they would get and picking off the candy. Very simple and entertaining!