I used an old Women’s Weekly Cookbook that had a train in it. I used it as a guide as to how many cakes to make and roughly how to assemble the carriages of this Thomas the tank cake.

I used 4 butter cake mixtures (White Wings) and divided into 8 loaf tins (21cm x 10). I cut 6 of them into 15cm x 10 and stacked on top of each other to form 3 rectangle carriages. Then I used one bar cake to make under carriage of the engine.

I used a jam roll (Top Taste) to make Thomas’s engine. I used the 6 ends of the carriages that were left over and 15 x 10 of the 8th cake to form the cabin. These I stacked on top of each other and secured with a skewer.

Thomas’s smoke stack was a Jam rollette (Top Taste) and held in place with a skewer.

The first task was to ice the carriages, using Vienna cream. I then trimmed carriages with licorice and joined together with 2 jube rings (slit and joined to form chain). The next task was to ice the bottom of the engine (red) and put aside.

The engine front and the smoke stack is iced in cocoa Vienna cream and rolled in dark chocolate sprinkles. Then iced rest of engine and cabin in blue. Trim top of cabin in licorice and use brown smarties to position lights.

Carefully position cake onto board ( 1200cm x 30 cm board.) The next task is to slide in under train cut paddles pop sticks to form sleepers. Then push licorice strips right up next to train to form the track. Lastly add wheels (mint slices) with smarties stuck on to form hubs. The wheels have to sit on licorice track. Top the carriages with soft party mix lollies.

I then stuck a laminated face of Thomas on the front. The end result was a hit at the 1st birthday party of my grandson.