The idea for this cake was the Island of Sodor. It’s supposed to be an island with beach and blue contact for the ocean. I know it’s a rich cake for kids but it means that you can get away with only giving them a little bit. Also my son loves it and it’s his birthday so he gets what he wants!!

This Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine Cake is the second cake I have made with RTR fondant. It’s 22cm white chocolate mud cake. I got the recipe from the “Planet Cake” book. I divided the cake into three layers and put dark choc ganache between the layers and over the cake. There is also ganache between the cake and board to make it easier when cutting. I then used a hot palette knife to smooth the ganache after it had set. This gave a smoother finish for the RTR fondant. I dyed the fondant but never really achieved the colour I wanted. Oh well!! (I like to go into cake making with the idea that if it all goes wrong you can go buy one from the Cheesecake shop. Less stress = more fun!)

I used cornflour instead if icing sugar to “flour” my work surface. I find it is more effective at stopping stickiness and doesn’t change the taste. No one eats the fondant anyway.

I used a chunk of RTR fondant for “Gordon’s hill”. The sleepers, signs and flowers were also RTR fondant. I used 22 gauge wire to hold up the signs. It’s easy to push into the cake and doesn’t leave a crater!

The writing and flower colouring was done with edible marker pens. The track were cut licorice straps.

The sand and road were made of Royal icing mixed with raw sugar and a bit of brown and also yellow colouring to get the right shade. The characters on the cake were just die cast toys. Some more to add to my son’s hefty collection. I used Edward because he’s the number 2 engine and it was a 2nd birthday.