I made this Thomas the Train birthday cake for my Thomas obsessed son’s 2nd birthday. The cake is made of a boxed mix. I got the idea from a couple of different cakes on this site. It was really easy just a bit time consuming.

I frosted the whole thing in white and then made the bottom part a medium solid green for the grass and the top a bright blue for the sky. I used a large round tip to make the puffy cloud and a small round tip to do the letters. I used the same large round tip and same method to do the dark green bushes. I used mini Kit Kat’s as the railroad ties and chocolate flavored Twizzlers for the rails. I placed a Track Master Thomas train and car on top. The bottom edge I trimmed out in yellow with a star tip to give a punch of color and the top I did in white.

The large cake I made with a yellow cake mix and I made chocolate cupcakes and frosted them with the left over icing from the main cake. I also made a small round “smash cake” for my son. I made it with the same yellow cake mix and frosted it all in white. I purchased the Wilton rolled fondant package that has 4 primary colors of fondant in it. I used a rolling pin covered in wax paper to roll out the red, yellow and blue and used a biscuit cutter to cut out the circles. I placed them right on the cake in a varying pattern.

I took the remaining fondant and rolled each color into a long “rope” and then twisted the 3 colors together and placed along the bottom of the cake. It was super easy but looks so good.