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Coolest Thomas The Train Cake 103

by Carolyn
(North FL,USA)

Homemade Thomas The Train Cake 103

Homemade Thomas The Train Cake 103

This Thomas the Train cake was made for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. I used 2 nine inch round cakes cutting one in half and stacking.

The tunnel was made with melted chocolate and chocolate rock candy. The train itself was a candle.

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Very cute!
by: Anonymous

I love this! It's a very simple design, but all the right details looks really awesome! I love the rock candy border and tunnel.

love it
by: Anonymous

I love it. gonna try it for my son's second birthday next week. it's nice to have something that is not a pre-molded pan and doesn't require much creativity. I like the hard work!

Great Cake!
by: Jessica

I used this idea for my son's 2nd birthday. The candle was easy to find at a party supply store. I didn't have the rock candy, so I put grass border on the bottom and cut gum drops in half and lined the tunnel with them.

great thomas cake
by: shawnee

i really loved cake 103 you did a good job

Tunnel Cake
by: Susie Q

I love your train cake. Very simple, yet very detailed. Great job. I am going to use your basic idea to make a train cake for a 7 year old. Thanks for sharing!

thomas the train cake
by: Anonymous

Loving this cake, I would have never thought of this idea. It looks so completed but yet very easy. Thanks for posting it.

Thank You!!! :-)))))
by: Anonymous

I tried one of the more difficult cakes and failed miserably. I was getting so upset and then I came across your photo!!! I got so excited. Thank you so much, for I so wanted to make my little guy's 3rd birthday cake and with you sharing your photo I'll be able to do just that. Again, Thank You!

by: Carly @ The Tree

Great idea - loved the cake so much, I had to try my hand at it too. Thanks for sharing!!!

Very cool
by: Ashley Taylor (Salem, OR)

I made some modifications and think it still turned out awesome!!!

by: Anonymous

was looking for ideas for my son's cake and saw this cool one. the idea to use a Thomas as the candle really caught my eye, since i have no formal skills with cake decorating. Too bad i couldn't find the thing any just curious is to where you got the candle from???

by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for posting this picture! I was stressing about trying to make the actual Thomas part and you made that part so easy! I love the tunnel and detail and can't wait to try this for my nephew!! He will love it :)

by: Anonymous

My sons 2nd birthday is in a couple days and I have been stressing so much about a Thomas cake. I kept seeing 3D creations of Thomas and I am honestly not that creative or talented so then came searching around the places that sold cakes in my small town. Of course no one had Thomas anything, I was so excited when I saw your design. I think it something I can hopefully manage but I am going to have to just put his thomas toy in place of a candle. Didn't leave myself enough time to search for one. Wish me luck because I need it.

i love it
by: Arlene

Am doing it for my son any tips will help

This is just too cute....
by: Anonymous

I really love this. I am making it today to go for my dear little ones bday tomorrow. I looked all over within a 75 mile range for the Thomas candle. Can I just say, it was unfindable. LOL So, we are going to put mighty mac on it. That is the one he asked for for his bday. He is into the wooden trains, so it isnt too big. I am going to put some toothpicks to keep it from sinking into the icing too much. Oh, and the rock candy is at Walmart in the candy section. It comes in those plastic boxes like you get potato salad in the deli section.
Just too cute.

substitute for the train candle
by: Anonymous

publix(or probably whatever grocery store you use) will sell you their Thomas cake topper kit that they put on their cakes. it has the Thomas engine and a few other pieces in it. they gave it to me for $7. it's a good size for a cake like this.

How to spread icing
by: Denise Lee

I am going to make this cake for my grandson's third birthday so I did a trial run and it turned out ok. The main problem I had was icing the side of the top layer. I ended up with crumbs all mixed in with my icing. Any suggestions on how to prevent that. Otherwise everything else turned out great. I am still looking for rock candy however. Also, how did you get the icing so smooth and even?

crumbs in icing
by: shay

if you make the cake in advance and freeze it a day or two before you get ready to spread the icing it usually keeps the crumbs from mixing into it.

by: Anonymous

How did you make the tree? Did you use a grass attachment to make the leaves and the grass on this cake?

Candy Pebbles Nowhere to be Found!!
by: Anna

Does anyone know where I can currently buy the candy pebbles in the Chicago west suburb area? I went to 2 walmarts as someone suggested they had the candy earlier this year but had no luck. Hope to have this cake for our son's 2nd b-day this Sunday.

Thanks for the inspiration
by: Anonymous

Made this for my son's joint 2 and 4 year old birthday party. It was a huge success. Thank you for the inspiration.

by: Anonymous

I used small brown jelly bellies for the tunnel and multi colred ones for around the bottom of the cake, then for the stones I used scratched up hershey's milk chocolate drops,and used the scrap hershey's drops for an extra touch on the "tree bark". Used a actual small thomas train with a small wad of cotton twisted into the flute for the "smoke" It actually has more detail than the original, sorry, but great idea for a cake!

Icing the cake and making it smooth.
by: Paulette

What I do is use a very large basket tip. I fill it with icing and ice the side of the cake that has the crumbs. You have to have the teeth side facing the cake. If I can do the whole cake this way I do it because it is much faster when pressed for time.( I just did a wedding cake this way.)

To smooth out the cake? I just moisten my metal curved spatula in water and apply a bit of pressure to smooth out the icing. Most times it works. If not then I wet my fingers, smooth it out and then use the metal spatula again and prest. smooth as glass. Then I refreeze if I use a cake edible topper.

Great idea
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the idea! I did this for my son's 4th birthday and was surprised how easy it was. I found the rock candy at walmart. I bought a Happy Birthday Thomas diecast toy instead of a thomas candle. Almost hate to cut into it tomorrow!

Thomas cake
by: Chrissy

I just finished making it-- turned out awesome!!! Thx for great idea!!!

by: Anonymous

Is there a step by step recipe for this cool
cake? And frosting? I would love to make this for my son's birthday!!!

thank your cake structurre
by: menaka apura

it's easy to create cake for ure str.

rocks and train
by: Anonymous

I used Raisinets candy for the rocks, they are available anywhere and are much cheaper than the candy rocks. I also used a Thomas diecast train car instead of a Thomas candle. Now my daughter has a toy to keep and play with instead of a half melted candle. (I used regular candles on the top so she still had something to blow out.)

Thomas the train #103
by: Anonymous

I just finished this cake for my grandson's 4th bd tomorrow... My daughter (his mom) just came in and was in complete shock over how good in turned out. She immediately took a pic of it and posted it on her FB page along with "OMG, my mom did the best freaking job on Aydan's cake!". sure made me smile!!:) I did make a couple of changes, like using grass around the bottom and put the candy rocks around it like in the pic. Also ran rocks up both sides by the tunnel and the tree. and used rope design on the top edge. Thank you so much for the pic to go by :)

Loved this design
by: Anonymous

I really loved this cake design. I am planning to make this cake for my friend's son's birthday party. Did you use dowels to stack the cakes? Is it a good idea to ice the cake with whipped cream.

by: Chiqui

Thank you for this sharing this great design! My son has food allergies, so store-bought cakes are not an option for me. He loves Thomas, but since I am using a special cake batter, it is really up to me to try and make a nice cake for him. Hopefully, I'd be able to make something as nice as what you have there on the picture. =)

Rock Candy
by: Anonymous

I have been to 3 walmarts - targets - candy stores to look for the rock candy. Was not successful! Must not be carried in TN stores! Love this cake idea though! I found the candle at Party City!

Pinterest hit!
by: Amber

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I pinned your cake as an idea for my son's birthday, and it has been re-pinned over 400 times! People LOVE your cake!

Great Cake!!
by: Tina

Hi, what a great cake, I am making it right now for my friends 2yr old little boy, such a great design! Thank you :o)

Fantastic Idea!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for posting this! It's the only Thomas cake I saw that I liked, thought very doable and creative! Started out thinking I'd make cupcakes for my son's 2nd birthday but after seeing this, I changed my mind! If all goes well, I plan to use almond m&m's instead of the rock candy, Harold the Helicopter up top, toy train instead of candle and an animal or two (since most Thomas books have that kind of thing in the background and my son picks up on it) in place of the rocks next to the track. Seriously excited to try this. Thanks again.

Fab idea
by: Sarah

Was wondering what the most effective and easiest Thomas cake would be. I envisaged a tunnel, wasn't sure how to attack it... thanks for the image. I'm going to make the bases now and freeze them. Then in a few weeks ice them. I'm going to cut a hole, semi circle in the stacked cakes and have a toy Thomas coming out. I'll use chocolate buttons, maltesers or smarties instead of rocks.
Brilliant cake, will done!

rock candy
by: Anonymous

Walmart sells their Thomas kit for about $7 and they even have cupcake toppers as well. World market has chocolate rock candy.

by: Anonymous

I would like to know what kind of icing you used?

Thomas cake
by: Anonymous

Loved this cake design. I plan on making one for my son's 2nd birthday next month. I plan on using small toy trees, toy thomas train instead of candle,gummy fruit snacks for the rocks and whatever else comes to mind while decorating. Thanks for you great cake idea. The best I saw and the easiest looking to do.

lovely cake
by: rashmee

lovely cake.i will be trying this soon!

Tunnel Application
by: Ann

Could you tell me, for the tunnel, did you melt the chocolate and then apply it like a frosting on the cake?

Love This Cake!
by: Ann

I found some rock candy at Hobby Lobby and at Yogurt Mountain.

by: Sara

This cake was fantastic and SO easy! I could not find the Thomas candle, so I got a toy Thomas and used it instead. It's approximately the same size as the candle, so it worked perfectly. The rock candy was a bit hard to find, however I finally found some at a candy store. I ended up mixing the icing with confectioners sugar to make it more stiff since it was originally very flimsy. I am very excited to present this cake to my nephew for his third birthday! Thank you so much for a fantastic idea!

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