I made this Thomas the Train Cake Design for my friend’s son. Keeping in mind, it was serving 50 people, I used 5 cake mixes, about 2 lb butter-cream and 2 to 3 lb of fondant. As a first timer, went pretty well.

I used 2 round pans, one 12″ and one 9 “, both 3 inch deep. First made Marshmallow fondant, about 3 lb, and colored them, then refrigerated them. Made the Thomas cake topper completely out of fondant, it was fun, with a lot of trial and error, like play dough.

Next came the little green and blue train, the engine made out of fondant, then cabins.

For the cabin, I used graham crackers, stacked up 3, and glued them with butter cream icing, then, covered them in pastel shades of fondant, cut out little wheels, also out of fondant, glued them all with water, and for things that were heavy and dint stick, I used a little butter cream as glue. Added some colorful candies and glued them with butter cream. So now all were ready a few days before the birthday, I let them set out in a dry cool plastic box.

The next day, I baked the 2 cakes, used ready cake mix, Both the pans together, used up about 4 to 5 cake mixes. After baking and cooling the cake, cut each of the cakes in 2 layers, plastic wrapped them and refrigerated it.

Next day, brushed the bottom layers with a little sugar and lemon syrup, then a good layer of butter cream, topped it with the top layers, again brushed it with a little syrup and crumb coated the entire cakes with butter cream. Wrapped the entire cakes with plastic wrap, to prevent condensation, and it went back into the fridge.

On the morning of the birthday, covered the cakes with fondant, covering the 12″ cake was so scary, took a lot of tips from the internet.Thank god for that. Made the letter cutouts using cookie cutters, made some trees, and clouds, and train track.

Kept the 2 cakes separate, assembled it on the party site, it was easier than carrying a stacked cake in the car, with your heart in your hands! On the party site, used dowels into the lower cake, placed the top cake, then the cake topper, little train and cabins.. was disappointing that the cabins were a bit wide and dint fit well. The cake was over soaked, so was crumbly, will watch out for that next time..

I never knew I could pull it off. Thanks to the host who trusted me and god above all who was there walking me through it. Hope it inspires you too.