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Coolest Tinker Bell Birthday Cake 68

by Cara C.
(Oklahoma City)

Homemade Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

Homemade Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

My daughter saw another cake on this site which was a Tinker Bell multi-cake. That was our inspiration for this Tinker Bell Birthday Cake. It is 5 cakes in 1, a big cake for Tink and a smaller cake for each of the other 4 pixies. All cakes were made from Aldi-brand cake mix, buttercream icing between layers, with buttercream icing on the outside.

For the Tink cake, I used chocolate cake in a Wilton daisy pan. It took 2 boxes of chocolate cake mix because each filled the pan once. I covered the edges with little scallops made with a #21 tip. The butterflies are made from a chocolate candy mold. I cut them in half and piped a purple body with a #4 tip. Also used the #4 tip for the writing.

Silvermist's cake is yellow cake covered in blue buttercream. It took one box to fill 2 6-inch pans (with some batter to spare). The top and bottom edges are covered in a reverse shell pattern using the #21 tip. The circles are Wilton ready-to-use fondant which I colored and sprinkled with the blue Wilton shimmer dust. The pool was dug out of the top, lined with plastic wrap, and filled with shredded blue Mylar.

Irridessa's yellow cake is covered in yellow buttercream. The zig-zag edge on the bottom was made with the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set. The stars were cut out of tinted pre-made fondant and covered with more shimmer dust. The lightning bolts are pipe cleaners which I twisted around a pencil.

The Rosetta cake is white cake covered in buttercream. Along the top and bottom are rosettes made with the #21 tip. I put 4 royal icing roses around the base and 4 more on top. They were made with tips #12 and #104. The leaves were piped in using a #69 tip.

The Fawn cake is my favorite because I was at a loss for ideas until I remembered that she taught the baby birds to fly each spring. I made the ribbon around the base with the Cutter and Embosser set. I made buttercream dots along the top with a #12 tip. The tree branch is made from the chocolate Wilton candy melts which I melted and poured out of the corner of a Ziploc bag. To be honest, it looked really gross at first, but I shaped it, froze it, scraped out some texture with a fork, and covered it with fern leaves using a #69 tip. The nest came from Hobby Lobby. The eggs are Whoppers covered in melted white chocolate candies. The adult birds are plastic wedding cake decorations.

For each cake, I used one icing color and just added extra coloring to make the darker accent color and tinted fondant. Tink is lavender and leaf green (used leftover for leaves on Rosetta's cake), Silvermist is royal blue, Iridessa is golden yellow, Rosetta is rose petal pink, and Fawn is copper. The display uses the Wilton Cakes 'N More stand. The figurines came from the Disney store and were $10 for a set with all 5 pixies and the pixie queen (which my daughter loved playing with afterward!)

We had SO much fun making this cake. I hope you enjoy it too!

  Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

  Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

  Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

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Tinker Bell
by: Anonymous

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your cakes! You did a wonderful job and I think that I will try to work with fondant now! I always afraid to try it before. Your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing all of the pictures also!

Silvermist Cake
by: Mom2FisherGirls

Beautiful cakes! Would you have a photograph of the Silvermist cake by itself as well? It's not posted. Silvermist is the requested theme by my soon-to-be 6 year old. Thanks!

by: Cara

Thank you for the compliments! This was my first time with fondant. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the ready-to-use was to work with. At first, I thought it was a bad batch because it was so hard, but it softened up as I worked with it. I guess that's normal. I felt like a kid playing with Playdough again.

I do have a picture of the Silvermist cake, but the web site instructions specify only 3 additional pictures. I chose the others because they had more details. I'd be happy to email a close up to you though.

The cakes are beautiful
by: Miz Cal

Do you have a close up of the silvermist cake?

silvermist cake
by: Ana

would you be able to e-mail me a close up picture of the silvermist cake? by the way, I thought this cake was the best idea!!!

by: Jackie

Hello, I love this cake! I think I am going to change my original direction and go towards something like what you did. I would appreciate if you could email me close up pictures of each individual cake, or whatever pictures you might have, and any bonus tips you can come up with!

It would be much appreciated! My e-mail address is:


Fantastic cake!
by: Lorna

Hi Cara,

I think your cake is amazing and I'm thinking of doing it for my daughters 3rd birthday next month, I've made both her previous cakes and wondered if you could you possibly email me any photos you have please as I love the detail you have done.

Thank you

Very Cute
by: Stacia

I really like the pics of these cakes, thank you for sharing. I was wondering if you could send me the pics? My email is
We're looking for something for our daughter's 3rd's a tie so far between Tinkerbell and Toy Story!

by: Anonymous

Wow! Awesome job on these cakes! Thank you for the inspiration too!

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