This Tinkerbell and Friends Cake Design was for my daughter, Emily’s 6th Birthday. She wanted Tinkerbell, and I saw a cake once that had a waterfall on it. So, I thought, hmmm…I can do that.

So started with set of 3 tiers, offset for more “waterfall room” on front, frosted with leaf green frosting. Then I used a cookie cutter and several different batches of MM fondant rolled out to make leaves, flowers, and butterflies. (Emily was thrilled to help with that part.) Then I put those on wax paper and put them in the refrigerator to dry out for a couple of hours.

Next I rolled a long thick rope of blue fondant out until really thin and draped it from a pool on the top of the top tier all the way down the side, smoothing as I went, until I got to the bottom and I just laid the rest of the blue fondant on the board for another pool. I took a small flat paint brush and started making streaks down the waterfall with super pearl luster dust to make the water look like it was moving.

I made swirling patterns with the luster dust in both of the pools. Then I started layering the fondant pieces. First 2 different colors of green leaves, then flowers, finally, the butterflies. I went through with some of the leftover leaf green frosting with a large leaf tip and filled in where needed with leaves. Then, I wrote “Emily” on the side of the middle tier.

Finally, I placed Tinkerbell and her two friends, one on each tier, with frosting on the cake. I put the cake in the refrigerator overnight for everything to set. I was so surprised how easy this one was. I make cakes all the time, but I expected this to be the hardest yet. I think the fact that it was made with pure love and sugar helped it become so beautiful. It was a definite hit at her birthday party.

Cake tier flavors were as follows: Top: Yellow cake with Coconut Filling, Middle Tier: Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Filling, Bottom: Chocolate with homemade Chocolate Buttercream Filling.