I made this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake for my niece! She absolutely loved it! The 1st layer is 12″ round cake. The 2nd layer is an 8″ round cake. The 3rd layer is a 6″ round cake. The 4th is half of a 6″ round cake.

The first layer has graham cracker crumbs for the sand. Piping gel with blue food coloring for the water. Sour apple licorice for the grass (half a toothpick holding it in place). Edible rocks and shells. I also have a ballerina and a little bell and some pearly beads lined up to look like a necklace. These represent the “lost things” if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what that means. I would have also included a chocolate coin on the bottom layer but didn’t have one.

The 2nd layer has Oreo crumbs, hazelnuts (kinda look like acorns), sugar ladybugs, and trees. The trees are made with those mini marshmallow ice cream cones covered with melted chocolate. Then I used the smaller grass tip with green buttercream icing. I also held them in place with toothpicks. The 3rd and 4th layer are done with a leaf tip. I used some drop flowers which I didn’t really want to use but were way quicker than the mushrooms I had originally wanted to do.

The Tinkerbell is from Hallmark and I threw some candy sticks around her to make her not stand out so much from the cake. I also tiered the 6″layer using dowels and a piece of cardboard covered in foil. I don’t know how to properly tier a cake but it seemed to work.

I hope I covered all the important things. I hope you guys can steal some ideas off of this cake. This site is great for getting ideas and getting those creative juices working! thanks for looking.