This Tinkerbell Doll Birthday Cake is one of the cakes I made for my twin daughter’s 2nd birthday. It was kind of the center piece of all 4 cakes. It was a Tinkerbell theme. This is my first ‘doll’ cake.

I bought a Wilton doll cake pan at a garage sale for $4. I baked a Betty Crocker party rainbow chip cake in the pan. After the cake cooled in the fridge. I used a leveler to trim the ‘muffin top’ of the cake and make it level. I used a C&H Sugar buttercream recipe and iced the cake. I had premade MMF from the girls’ first 2nd birthday party that week and used it to cover the dress of the cake.

I had premade the flowers and leaves 2-3 days using Wilton royal icing recipe, Wilton coloring, 2D and small swirl flower tips, and a leaf tip. Learned to do the flowers and leaves on I bought a fondant leaf cutter set at Joann crafts. I made the large leaves and bodice out of store bought fondant I had tinted it green. I cut out 8 leaves, need only 7. I used a paring knife to make the veins in the leaves. I had a fondant tool but it didn’t give me the effect I wanted.

To do the bodice on the doll, I cut a rectangle of the green fondant. Wrapped it around and then sculpted/cut it to the way I wanted it. I then dry silver luster dusted the bodice and fondant leaves using a paint brush. I used my cricut to cut out the wings with my paper doll cartridge (angel wings). I used velum paper and trimmed off the bottom half of the wings. I stuck the wings in the fondant seam in the back of the doll and attached with a little tape to the plastic part of the doll and rolled tiny fondant balls to cover the seam up. I luster dusted those as well.

I attached the doll with some buttercream icing. I then attached the fondant leaves and royal icing leaves and flowers with buttercream icing. Oh, before I decorated the doll (Wilton pick doll) I did her hair to resemble Tinkerbell.

People were amazed and said they were going to order their next cakes from me! Happy decorating!