Lego Cakes . . . FORGET USING THE MARSHMALLOWS or mini-muffins! I’ve decorated cakes for over 30 years and hold myself to a very high standard as far as to what my finished cakes look like. Buttercream-frosted marshmallow halves or mini-muffins just didn’t measure up! My Tip for Lego Birthday Cake? I removed UNSCENTED TEA LIGHT CANDLES from their CLEAR plastic forms. I washed and dried the circular forms and then filled each one with the same frosting as I was using to frost the cake. Turn them upside down and place them directly where you want them on the frosted cake top.

The size of the tea light form is perfect for a 9″ x 13″ cut into three equal widths for the Lego blocks. Afterwards you can still use the candles by inserting them once again into the washed forms. Both the cake and the steps to make the “connectors” are shown.