My son has been called “Sticky Toad” since the day he was born and in the last couple of years he has really begun to like his nick name. So I decided to make him a “Sticky Toad” Toad Birthday Cake this year for his birthday! It may have taken me about two and half hours to make but it was pretty easy. Also it was well worth the smile my son gave me while he was blowing his birthday candles out.

For the cake I baked a regular round pan. I personally used a spring pan so it would be a little easier to take out. That was for the body of the frog. For the legs I used a large rectangle pan. I drew a pattern on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t mess up on the legs. For the eyes I just used two cupcakes without the papers.

To ice the cake I used green food coloring in butter cream frosting and using a ruffle tip I piped the entire cake. For the spots I used the same color green and added a little black to the frosting to give it a darker color. I just used some red food coloring for the tongue. I used some of the store bought frosting out of the tube to do the lips and the center of the eyes and of course the writing.

I am so glad that I made this cake this year. My son absolutely loved it. If you are ever having a frog themed birthday this would the easiest and cutest cake to make. I have made at least one cake for my children each year and I have to say I think that this is the best one I have made so far. I have to thank my beautiful for the inspiration. I love my children and if it were not for them I would have never started making cakes!