Here is attempt #2 at a Topsy Turvy cake.

I first made a lemon pound cake (homemade) for the 1st tier (cake pan sizes 6,7,8…6 being at the bottom). I did not have enough ingredients for the 2nd tier (cake pan sizes 4,5,6…6 being at the bottom) bad planning on my part so I had to make a regular yellow cake (box grocery store).

The filling for both layers was 1C Pastry Pride whipped and I folded in raspberry preserves. This made it like a thick mousse so the layers would not want to fall.

Cutting each cake at a diagonal then rotating the top 180 degrees this helps with the Topsy Turvy effect. I then filled the cakes and back into the fridge to set up.

After the filling set up a bit it was time to carve. If you have the highest edges all lined up there is not a ton to carve. Make sure NOT to carve the bottom (smallest) cake. This will assist you when making the “shelf” to hold the top tier. Once the tiers are carved cover with buttercream, they are NOT stacked at this point.

This next part is a bit tricky….being that the top tier, bottom piece was only a 4″pan I used the pan to place an indent in the bottom layer so I could carve out the “flat shelf” for the top tier to sit in. After this is carved cover with buttercream as well and put in fridge to once again set up.

When you stack the layers be sure to use dowels of some sort with a bit of buttercream between the two cakes to anchor the 1st layer to the 2nd. I ran dowels through both cakes and used decorations to cover them.

The pink, and white fondant is the brand Satin Ice which for being pre-made I thought tasted pretty good. I made the Black Marshmallow fondant adding the black coloring when the marshmallow were melted before they were added to the powered sugar, this tasted VERY good!

Be sure to get the buttercream covered cake a little sprits of water so the fondant can adhere. I used white buttercream to do the swirls effect. The zebra strips have some of that fine sugar from a cake shop just to give a little something extra.

Overall I thought this cake came out rather well.