I made this Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake for a friends wedding. I have made wonky cakes before but had problems balancing them (the middle tiers kept moving!!). For this cake I cut out s section on top of the cake to slot the next tier into. To get the nice shine to it I used a pearl spray, and the middle tier is sprayed gold. I cut out individual flowers (this was made easier by adding gum tragacanth to the icing the day before – it makes the icing more pliable and flexible) and added edible gold balls and edible diamonds to the centre of the flowers. I also put edible gold balls around the bottom of each tier.

To finish it off I made a bead fountain to come out of the top of the cake. This was gold and pearl beads glued to gold wire and held together in a plastic flower pick which is then pushed into the cake.