I made this Homemade Tow Mater 3rd Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. Tow Mater was made from two 9 x 13 pound cake loaves. Pound cake is denser and easier to carve and use for shaped 3D cakes. I froze both loaves. I then cut one loaf to use for the cab and stacked it on the other loaf and shaped. I crumb coated the truck, then cut rectangular shapes from white fondant and placed where the windshield and side windows are. I put Tootsie Rolls on the hood where the raised parts are. I then covered the whole cake with another piece of white fondant. I then cut out the windshield and side windows.

I painted the body with brown gel (and a very little bit of water) and dabbed with a paper towel as I went to get a rusty look. I also painted the sides blue and the doors green. I used round candies for the top lights, a gum drop for the large light and the one head light. I used Hershey’s bars for the side mirrors, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the engine, Dentyne for the teeth, button candies for the eyes (with a small bit of black piped on for the pupils), Kit Kats for the tow gear, black licorice rope for the cable, and I made the hook out of black fondant. I used mini chocolate donuts for the wheels. I also made a 12” x 18” sheet cake, frosted with buttercream frosting, and sprinkled ground up graham cracker over it to make it look like dirt. I then rolled out black fondant over the top to make it look like a road, and piped yellow lines on the road. I placed Tow Mater on a raised platform so the wheels could go slightly under it.

My son loved it!