My 3 year old daughter Brooklyn loves Toy Story. I didn’t know how to make a Toy Story cake look like it was for a girl. I tried to talk her into a mod monkey theme, but it wasn’t happening. So, I had to make her a Homemade Toy Story Birthday Cake Design.

I had worked with marshmallow fondant a few times, so i knew that i wanted to use fondant. I think it makes the cake look so much better. I had bought 4 of the characters from the dollar tree, that are only 2-3 inches tall. I used a strawberry cake with strawberry icing for the top layer. And chocolate cake with butter cream icing on bottom layer.

You have to bake the cakes let them cool, icing, and let sit to get firm. So, after I had baked and iced the cakes, I started on the fondant. I use marshmallows, water, food coloring gel, and powdered sugar. I made a couple different colors, but I stuck with the primary colors for the theme. I wanted to use all kinds of pink and purples but I didn’t think it would match the characters clothes. After I rolled out the fondant and covered the cakes, I used my cookie cutters to make the name and stars. I just piped the border around the two tiers since it was already covered with fondant. I used a tooth pick for the #3 and stars coming out of the back. I wanted to use the clouds for one layer and cow pattern for the other to match Jessie’s pants. I didn’t think that I made it look girly enough, but once I added some yellow and made some different color cupcake to match it turned out great.

She had the best 3rd birthday ever!