My daughter LOVES Toy Story so I wanted to make her a Toy Story Cake for her 2nd birthday party. I have only worked with fondant one other time so I knew this cake would be a challenge. I found a cake I liked on youtube so I printed a picture and went off of that. I baked a 2 layer 6 inch cake (box white mix), a 2 layer 8 inch home made chocolate cake, and a 2 layer 10 inch white box mix.

After they cooled, I put them in the freezer overnight. I also made 2 batches of homemade marshmallow fondant and put those in the fridge over night. The next morning I frosted the chocolate cake (which is the 2nd layer or “buzz”) and covered that with white frosting. I tinted the other colors to finish Buzz’s front. I used cardboard to shape the wings and used a plastic fork to stick it in the cake. (Don’t put the wings in until you want to serve. They don’t stay. It didn’t hold up well so I had to put soda cans under the wings and I covered them with napkins to block them out).

I then frosted the other cakes and colored my fondant to make the base layer or “woody” layer. Then I made the top star cake. I inserted plastic dowels in the bottom and middle layers and then stacked my cake (all the cakes were on cardboard circles). I made sure to keep the fondant I wasn’t using in plastic bags so it didn’t dry out. I rolled out the fondant on a mat sprayed with vegetable spray. I think that works better than confectioners sugar or cornstarch.

I used a regular knife to cut my shapes and used a cookie cutter for the big stars. This cake was challenging but everyone enjoyed it.