My son is in love with trains and he wanted a “real” looking Homemade Train Birthday Cake for his cake. So I used reagular boxed cake Betty Crocker Duncan Hines, which ever you prefer and I cooked them in a bunt pan. I went through 6 boxes of cake mix and 6 tubs of icing.

For the train itself I used 4 cake mixes. I put them in a bunt pan and cooked them till a tooth pick came out of the middle clean. I used one box per bunt pan. For the engine I used one full bunt pan cake and cut the other 3 in half. I used one of the halves to put on top to make the top of the engine car and put the other 3 behind it to make train cars.

I used cup cakes for the wheels and the smoke stack. I used piping gel to make the wheels after applying the white icing. We used fine wire, you can find at Walmart. To put the wheels onto the train and I strung the mini marshmallows on the wire and used it for smoke coming out of the smoke stack. I used a box put flat and covered with aluminum foil and used the gel icing you can find at any Walmart to do the water on one side and grass on the other with red flowers.

I used crushed Oreos for the coal in the first car and licorice for the logs on the second car and I used totsie pops on the back of the train for ballons.

We used licorice for the tracks the train was on and also to hook the cars together we used black icing to do the details on the engine and regular white icing and mixed in food coloring to make the shades for the cars and engine. We let him choose the colors he wanted and went from there.

My husband helped me with some of the detailing on it. My son loved it and talks about it all the time! It’s home made! and thats what matters!