I started this Homemade Train Birthday Cake Design with making the train tracks by making a chocolate chip cookie dough and pressing it into a bar pan and then used m&ms to make a track covering three sides of the cookie and then baked it (I should have put the name in the middle of the cookie in M&Ms before I baked it, but didn’t think about it so I had to put some frosting in the center and then put the m&ms on it after).

Make sure to put parchment paper under the dough in the pan so you can pull it out using the sides of the paper and will have the cookie the correct side up so you see the track.

Next I used a mini loaf pan to make the cars. I used a pound cake recipe to hold the shape and added in colored sprinkles to make it more kid friendly. I needed all 4 mini loafs to make an engine and 2 cars. I needed a round part for the engine, so I used a knife and cut the top off a soda can and cooked it inside the washed out and prepared can and then just cut the aluminum down and the cake fell out perfectly. I froze all the cakes overnight to make them easier to work with and it also helped working with cold cakes the next day because it made the buttercream frosting harden very quickly and looked a lot better.

I took one of the loafs and cut it so I had ¾ and ¼ portion. I took one of the regular loafs and turned it upside down and placed the ¾ portion sitting perpendicular on top on the one end and then placed the ¼ portion on the front of the engine to make the “cow catcher”. I then placed the round can portion on top and had an engine built.

I placed the engine on one side of the track and frosted it there, then I placed the other two loaves upside down on the back and the other side of the track and frosted them. I added m&m’s to make all the details on the train, used an upside down kiss as the smoke stack, Oreos as wheels and colored sprinkles as the cargo. Everyone loved it and it fed about 30 people (mostly adults) between the cakes and the cookie.