I made this treasure chest cake for my 6 year old twins birthday Party. I made three separate cakes in a 9’11 cake pan. I froze the cakes till they were hard. I took 2 frozen cakes and placed one on a cake board. I used Playdoo like white frosting between the two cakes and formed it in so the cakes would sit straight and even on all sides on top of each other. Then with Chocolate frosting I frosted all four sides of the cake. I did not frost the top.

To make the sand, I used crushes Marie biscuits but if your From Canada or America you can use Graham Crackers. Crush them by hand or food processor if you have one to the consistency of sand.

On top of the cake with no frosting I added chocolate gold coins,toffees and lollies. You can use any type of lollies. I would have used candy necklaces and gem rings but I couldn’t find any.

For the lid, take out the last piece of cake from the freezer and put it on the top. I held my lid down on the back end with skewers. Then I frosted all around.

For the straps I used the excess chocolate frosting and added more cocoa and few drops of black food coloring and a bit of icing sugar so it was like playdoo. I rolled it out with a pin and then froze it till it was stiff then cut out the straps. I used dark chocolate m&M’s for the buttons and the gold foil from the gold coins as corners and key hole. And that’s how I made my easy to make Treasure Chest Cake. Enjoy!