I decided that the weather had been too miserable and wintery. A week or -30 C will do that to anyone. So I decided to make this cheerful spring Tulip Cake Design.

The cakes are 3, 8inch rounds. First I filled the cake with chocolate buttercream. Next, I carved them as if the pot was upside down. It was easier to make the cone shape. Then the crumb coat and into the fridge. I made a marshmallow fondant and tinted it to the terracotta color. This took a bit of mixing as the terracotta gel past was too dark and red for me. I had to mix a lot of yellow to adjust the color.

Once the crumb coat had set I covered it with fondant and trimmed the bottom. It was then time to flip the cake. I put a small amount of royal icing on the center of the cake board and flipped the cake over.

The fun part. I rolled our a piece of fondant for the top edge of the pot. Once cut I took a stamp and imprinted it to give the pot some design. With a little bit of water I glued the top rim on. I didn’t have time to paint a design on the pot as I was doing the assemble the night before, so I used some gumpaste flowers and butterflies I had made up.

The flowers were made with gumpaste the week before. The book I have says, let them dry overnight, but it really needs closer to a week. Some of the flowers were also airbrushed (my new toy).

The cake was transported separately from the flowers as it is a long commute. Once I put it together, this was the finished result (I think the caterpillar is my favorite).