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Coolest Wine Lover Cake 93

by Mary A.
(Victorville, CA)

Homemade Wine Lover Cake

Homemade Wine Lover Cake

Homemade Wine Lover Cake
Homemade Wine Lover Cake

My daughter asked me on a Wednesday to make a wine bottle in a wooden box cake for a co-worker and needed it Friday morning. Well, needless to say I was a little worried as there would be about 70 people that would see it. She showed me what she wanted and then Thursday afternoon I started on the cake.

The base of the cake was a white cake with strawberry filling. So far it seemed easy. Then came the bottle. I had a real wine bottle I used as a template. Made a fondant lable that I painted with the girls name and vintage year. I had some 4 inch round cake pans and made 4 small cakes, filled them with buttercream to keep it together then stuck a dowel in it to keep it straight.

I cut a flat back out and laid it down on a board. Then covered it in a light coat of buttercream and then fondant. I made the neck of the wine bottle out of fondant and made a gum paste wrap to look like a real bottle top. I sprayed the bottle with green and black, added the cap and hand painted the gumpaste label. I supported the bottle on the cake by using straws instead of dowels.

I made some marshmellow fondant for the sides of the box. Painted the sides and sprayed a lighter color over to gve it a woodlike appearence. I used buttercream to make the straw in the box (some thought it was spaghetti but that's okay) and white chocolate shavings to look like sawdust.

It was a hit. Some people thought the bottle was real at first glance and others thought I just put a label on a real bottle. So many compliments and had people ask if I had a shop. WOW!! I have never been so excited about any cake I have ever done. People also said it was the moistest cake ever. Never underestimate yourself and anytime you get a chance to try something new, take it. The cake was done for free so really who would complain. HAHAHA

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