I made this World Globe Cake for my little sister’s graduation party. We’re “Navy brats” and have traveled a lot, so I thought this would be a fitting cake for her party.

I cooked one cake mix (dark chocolate fudge) for each of the the top and bottom halves in a “soccer ball” cake pan. They didn’t come out as “round” as I would have liked, and when put together, looked more like a space ship than a ball. So, I leveled the tops of each half and used the cut parts and icing to fill between the halves, to make it a little taller. I also had to carve the top and bottom to make them look more round. For all this work “shaping” the cake, I could have just used a round glass bowl for each half instead of buying a special pan.

I then put a thin layer of icing over the whole cake for the crumb coat and put it in the freezer to quickly harden and set. Next, covered the whole cake in blue icing for the “oceans” and returned it to the freezer to set. I used a map of the world as a visual guideline and used green icing to pipe the outlines of all the continents, islands, etc. (This took some time and a LOT of patience!) I then filled in all the land areas with the greed icing and put it back in the freezer to set again. Once hardened, I used a butter knife to smooth out the land areas to give it more of a “topography” look instead of just smooth icing. I used white icing to fill in the Arctic area and around the bottom at the Antarctic area. I then put pink “dots” to show where she’s been in the world and to write her name across the “empty” Pacific.

This was definitely a challenge to make, and I learned a lot from the process! But we were very happy with the end result, and my sister loved her cake!