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Coolest WWE Belt Birthday Cake 12

by Cindy D.
(San Antonio, Tx USA)

Homemade  WWE Belt Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Belt Birthday Cake

My niece is a huge WWE fan. So, for her 12th birthday (today), we decided to do the WWE Belt Birthday Cake belt.

We ordered the black fondant and the gold icing coloring a couple of weeks in advance, from a company in Arkansas. They shipped fast too!! Had the stuff in two days time.

I prepared two 10 x 15 inch yellow cakes. Cooled them on racks and then leveled them. I bought a piece of foam board from the art store because I couldn't find a cake board big enough. I laid the two cakes end to end. Then I used a replica belt that my niece had as a template.

I prepared a double recipe of butter cream (just to make sure I had plenty) and placed it in the fridge. After cutting out the "belt", I put a crumb coat of butter cream on and refrigerated overnight. You will need a very roomy fridge for this cake.

To finish, I took about half of the 5 lb bucket of fondant, layered my counter with powdered sugar (use plenty to prevent sticking), and began to roll it out. When it was large enough, I folded it over in quarters and then placed it on the cake and unfolded it. Molded the fondant to the shape of the cake and smoothed it as best I could. Trimmed off the excess and tucked in the bottom.

I tinted the butter cream with the gold coloring to do the top of the cake. I used Wilton prepared black icing in the tube to do the writing and the bottom border (hint - don't know how the pros do it, but to remove the powdered sugar from the top that gets on it, I put a small amount of water on my hand and just smoothed over it. It worked).

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