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Coolest Cow Cake 38

by Micaela
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Cow Cake

Cow Cake

Cow Cake
Cow Cake

I used a similar template to one that I noticed on here, although I made some small changes for this Cow Cake.

I bought two packs of two rectangular sponges (9.5cm x 19cm), I placed them side by side and marked out a large circle with the end of a metal skewer. I then cut the shape out with a serrated egded knife. I used another single sponge to mark out two small sem-circles to fill out the sides to make it look more circular instead of oval. The legs were cut from this sponge as well.

One more rectangle sponge to cut out the face, again mark it out with a metal skewer before cutting. The ears were from the corners of this sponge as well. You will have half of one sponge left over if needed.

I used a basic buttercream recipe - the White was 250gm of butter, 450gm icing sugar, and 2 tbsp of milk. Beat it all together till light and fluffy. I used this to smear a thin layer of the entire cake, and also to stick the legs, ears and extra circle pieces in place. Chocolate buttercream recipe was 125gm butter, 200gm icing sugar, and 2 tbspn of cocoa powder, and 1 tbsp of milk. Again beat until light and fluffy.

Piping was done with a small star nozzle. I did the white first as it was easier to mark out the spots for the brown. The eyes are malteasers and the nose is two choc buttons that I trimmed down to size.

This is the first cake I've ever made like this and it was very easy, although time consuming, but it looks great.

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Coolest Cow Birthday Cake 19

by Sarah P.

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

I made this Cow Birthday Cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday.

I made two buttercakes and put one in a 20 x 20 cm square tin. The other mixture I made 5 cup cakes, in a muffin tin and then put the rest of the mixture into a loaf tin.

Cut the square cake vertically in half and stand the two pieces side by side with the cut sides up and basis together, put a few wooden skewers through to hold them together, this makes the body of the cow.

Cut the loaf cake in half and place half the cake onto the body, holding it in place with skewers, this makes the face. I cut the top off a cup cake to make the nose, held on by tooth picks.

To make the ears and horns I free hand fashioned them out of the other half of the loaf cake and held them on with tooth picks.

I used the other four cup cakes, turned upside down for the legs and feet. I just sat the body on top of them, after I had attached the face.
Decoration is Maltessers for the eyes and one cut in half for the nostrils and licorice for eye lashes.

A pink marshmallow for the ears, cut in half. Another pink one cut in half for the mouth and a chocolate covers jelly snake for a tail.
Chocolate buds for the spots on the cow and a double lot of Vienna cream icing, taking a small amount and adding cocoa for the brown icing.

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by: awesomecake

It is amazing how you made the cake actually stand up. Great job

Well Done
by: gemma

Well done, this is by far the best cow cake I have ever seen.

I'm going to try and give it a go.

Thanks for all the info.

Thank you- great cake!
by: Angela

Thank you!!! I made this cake for my little girls 2nd birthday. The instructions were great and very easy to follow. My cow turned out perfect!! Our party guests were very impressed.

by: Anonymous

the cake looks good

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Coolest Purple Cow Cake 16

by Melissa R.

Homemade Purple Cow Cake

Homemade Purple Cow Cake

I made this purple cow cake twice actually. Once as it appears and once reversed with the cow being purple with white spots. I however do not have a picture.

I used the Wilton Animal Cracker pan. For the tiny horns I used Good & Plentys and tied a ribbon for the bow.

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