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Coolest Cow Cake 12

by Brenda

Cow Cake

Cow Cake

I made this Cow cake for my friend's daughter's 5th birthday party. The cake needed to serve 30-40 people, so a 9" round cake wasn't going to be big enough. I used a 10"x13" pan for the body (2 layers) and a 6" round for the head (single layer).

To assemble it, I first assembled the rectangular cake in the traditional way (two layers with a filling and crumb coated it. I sliced the 6" round into two layers. The top layer (with the slightly domed top) I crumb coated and placed on the rectangular cake for the head.

The bottom layer I carved into two ears, crumb coated them, and put them in place. All the left over cake scraps were devoured by my two small children.

I then carved out the shape of the cow's body and frosted the whole thing with vanilla buttercream for the white body, then tinted some buttercream with pink dye to form the cow's nose and ears. The rest of the buttercream I mixed with cocoa powder to make it brown. I used that to frost the spots, and used a small round (#4) tip to pipe the outline.

The eyes are licorice jelly beans, the nostrils are vanilla jelly beans, and the horns are fashioned out of gumpaste with a touch of black dye to make them grey.

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Thank you!
by: Anonymous

We look forward to celebrating my daughter's 2nd birthday!

cool cow
by: Anonymous

This is really cute! My 4H club will love it. Thanks for sharing!

by: Anonymous

this one actually has ears like a cow, not a bear or dog. Thanks for sharing!

by: Tina, Utah

Thank-you for posting your cake pictures. My son loves bulls. He wanted a cow cake this year and this looks like the perfect one.

Great cake!
by: Anonymous

and 3D too. Love your ideas. Can you tell me what is the meaning of crumb coating the cake. Not familiar with that. Also do you have any other ideas for making the horns?

by: lindsey b

I want a cow cake for my cow themed birthday but my mom is too stubborn to make one. (I'm turning 13 by the way) thanks so much for giving me what i need to make my own!!!

a bull cake
by: Cathy

My granddaughter will be turning 2 this week. She wants a bull cake. There are cattle out here in my area, so we call them bulls. Anyway, she wants a bull cake and your cake design gives me the best idea to create a bull cake. Thank you for sharing.

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Coolest Cartoon Cow Cake 15

by Michele E.
(Richfield, PA)

Homemade Cow Cake

Homemade Cow Cake

I made this cow cake for my son's second birthday. I had napkins/plates with a farm scene on and copied the cow off of those. The cake itself is made from one yellow and one chocolate cake mix in regular 9 x 11 cake pans. I placed one horizontally for the body and one vertical for the head.

I just free-handed the head and body and used miscellaneous pieces of cake to shape the horns, feet, udders, ears and tail of the cow. I used icing to attach each section to the body or head. The ball of the tail is a single cupcake.

I bought icing at a bakery and smoothed it out using a knife dipped in warm water. I used decorator tips to make the tip of the tail and the tuft of hair on the cows head more curly. I added cocoa to the icing to make the brown (and a very tasty chocolate icing) and I used yellow and red food coloring plus cocoa to make the fleshy part of the face and the hooves. I used pink sprinkle to make the udders pink. I then finished by piping the detail and wording with a small decorator tip.

The cake was huge but we had a lot of people to feed. It was a big hit and matched the napkins quite well.

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Coolest Cow Birthday Cake 17

by Amber B.
(Springfield, Oregon)

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

This Cow Birthday Cake was for my friend's daughter's birthday. Miss Bailey wanted a cow. This was a new adventure for me but I was up to the challenge.

I started with a 14in round cake and an 8in cake. I cut the 8in down to make the snout and used the remainder as the ears. I used the star tip to cover the cow, using chocolate frosting for the spots to avoid bad tasting coloring. I used the glossy tube of writing gel in black for the eyes, nostrils and mouth to give them the moist look.

It was a big hit. I will keep this in mind for the future.

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Love it!
by: Anonymous

I love this cake for a barnyard baby shower theme cake too!
Great Job!

Sandra @

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Coolest Cow Birthday Cake 26

by Samantha Swaney
(Jamestown, Ohio, United States)

Well my mom made me this cake for my fourteenth birthday, two years ago. She used a cake pan that we have and its in the shape of a bear. She used a homemade icing recipe but I don't know it at the moment, but its royal icing. Anyways, she used a star tip and put little stars over the whole thing except for the eyes and ears. She just used regular icing for them. She also used regular choclate cake mix and the icing was vanilla. It was delicious and cute too ! (: Well thats about it, thanks.

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by: Anonymous

hi did your mum pipe the whole cake? as i'm making it today and just wanted to know that. thanks

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Coolest Cow Birthday Cake 28

by Tearna C.
(Orange Australia)

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

This is a cake that I made from a chow choc mud fondant cake. I love making this cake as I have made him before, just changed him a bit.

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Love Your Cow
by: Dawn

Can you describe how you made him? He is adorable!!! My mother-in-law loves cows and I want to make her a cake. Thanks, Dawn

the cow cake
by: Rhonda

I would love to know how you made this I love cows can you please let us know I would love to know thanks

by: Anonymous

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I made his body with a large glass Pyrex and his head with a small Pyrex bowls that its. The snout is made out of fondant. I just put the head part on the body and covered it all with fondant. Legs are made of fondant. Its quite easy, hope this helped.

Gorgeous Cow!
by: MamaGoose123

I would love to attempt this cake, as it would be perfect for her barnyard 2nd birthday, but I would love more description if possible! What is the cake sitting on? How many cake boxes did it take? How did you shape the nose and legs? I'm obviously new at this and could use all the information I can get! Thanks!

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