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Crayon Cake 11

by Erica Knapp

Crayon Cake

Crayon Cake

I made this crayon cake for my daughter's Pre-K graduation. I used two boxed cake mixes and canned icing. I baked two rectangle sheet cakes the day before so they could completely cool. The next day I cut a few inches off the top of one cake so when I stacked them there would be a place for the ice cream cone crayons.

I iced the whole cake in race car yellow and using floss I marked where the green icing would go. I mixed four different colors (I would have done the primary colors but all I had was Dora the Explorer colors!) and warmed the mixed icing until the icing was pourable.

I cut two ice cream cones in half making four crayon tops and poured each color on one. Once they cooled enough to handle I placed them on the cake. Everyone really loved the cake and I have to say it was one of the easiest cakes I have done.

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So clever yet so easy! thanks for the tip!

cool cake
by: Candace

Thank you so much for this idea! Looking at the picture and directions a couple of times,I am now siked enough to attempt this cake lol. Question, for the cones you meantioned pouring th icing on not in the shells correct? Do I need a special tool to get the icing on so smoothly?

Pan size for crayon cake11
by: Marilyn

Would you please tell me what size of pans you used.
9x13? You can email me at

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Coolest Box of Crayon Cake 23

by Jennifer
(Maryland Heights, Missouri)

Homemade Box of Crayon Cake

Homemade Box of Crayon Cake

One of my twins is very artistic and wanted a cake that revolved around this concept. Last year, I made a paint palette so this year I went with a box of crayon cake.

The cakes as well as the icing were made from scratch. I doubled a recipe for a white cake and added sprinkles to make it look like a “confetti” cake. I poured the mixture into two 9x13-greased pans. After they cooled, I placed one on the bottom and estimated how much of the top I wanted open (around ¼ of the cake).

I put a layer of icing between the 2 cakes. For crayons, I used ice cream cones and different colored marshmallow fondant. I piped in the name, age, and green corners with a star tip. My daughter was thrilled with the cake and said that it was the best one that I've made for her....which is really what is the most important thing to me in the end!

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Crayon Cake
by: Janet Schmoele

The cake you made is awesome! That was done very creatively. I just love it & I bet Tabitha did too! I was curious what you had done.

Wish I Had Known
by: pjh

Wish I had thought of something like this when my daughter hosted an artist party some years ago. We only tried to mimic a child's box of watercolors. Jennifer should have been at my right hand to give me guidance then!

Love this cake design!
by: Stacy B.

This is simply amazing! What a fun birthday cake that will be remembered for years!! You are very artistic and patient. Well done!

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Coolest Crayon Box Birthday Cake 22

by Joyce R.
(Davin, WV)

Homemade Crayon Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Crayon Box Birthday Cake

I made this giant Crayon Box Birthday Cake for my granddaughter's seventh birthday. The theme of the party was "Arts and Crafts" so this fit perfectly!

I began by making the crayons: I took ice cream cones (the ones with the flat bottoms) and covered them in colored fondant. I made paper sleeves for each crayon which were the only inedible parts of the cake.

I baked one chocolate and one white sheet cake, iced them together and trimmed out the top of the "box" for the crayons. Using a small star tip, I iced the box with colored icing in bright gold, two different greens and red. Instead of "crayon," I put "Taylor" and "7" for her birthday.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. I placed grey fondant underneath the crayons for the inside of the box, but it really wasn't necessary. My daughter and granddaughter were very pleased with the final product. It fit the theme and was very colorful.

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excellent job!!!!
by: Priya shah

I looks real and it is a very good idea!!!

by: Anonymous

Love it !!

by: Anonymous

I thought it was a real crayon box on Google images, but only after clicking the picture did I notice it was a cake. Taylor, you're lucky to have a grandma this talented!

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Coolest Crayon Cake 13

by Linda G.
(Santa Maria, CA)

Homemade Never Grow Old Cake

Homemade Never Grow Old Cake

I made this crayon cake theme for my daughter's 23rd birthday. It all started when I found these crayon candles months ago. She still loves to color! I used a big 12x18x2" Wilton cake pan for a white cake. Made buttercream frosting for top and trim.

I wanted to make a coloring book, so I shaped the cake to look like an open book, and tried to transfer pictures several different ways from reading on the internet, but nothing worked. So after refrosting the cake 3 times I just did the it free hand on the right side and wrote on the left side.

Keeping with the theme of these characters, her favorite if she ever was to have a baby, I picked up several items around to place on the board. I had enough batter left to make a candle cake. She love it very much!

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Lovely cake!
by: Anonymous

Your cake is adorable -- great job on the freehand pictures! I'm sure it was a hit.

by: Anonymous

Man I Wish My Mom Had Made A Cake Like That For Me.! I Also Love To Color.! Fantastic Job.

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