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Blue Jean Cake Ideas

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Jeanne F.
Yorktown ,VA

Blue Jeans Cake

My eleven year old nephew was really into Krew skater pants and was hoping to get some (or enough money to buy some) for his birthday. I love making creative birthday cakes, so I made this birthday cake out of a 9x13 cake. I cut a tall triangle out to make the section between the pant legs. I then just tried to cut a bit around the edges to make the hips and make the legs not look so robotic.

I had printed a picture of the jeans he liked from the internet and used it as a guide as I decorated. This was probably the fastest cake I ever made and it was a big hit with a boy who didn't want a ton of fuss. I could see how the idea could easily be used for a little girl who is a fashionista by cutting another cake in the shape of a shirt and putting them together, or doing that and coloring the birthday child's team/school colors to look like their uniform.

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