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Coolest Giant Cup Cake Idea 18

by Linda

Homemade Giant Cup Cake Idea

Homemade Giant Cup Cake Idea

This is the first time Ihave made a giant cup cake. I hired a cake tin from a local cake decorating shop, it only cost me £2 to hire for 2 days. This is the recipe I used:

16oz self raising flour
16oz sugar
16oz butter
vanilla essence

Baked at gas #3, just below the middle of the oven for approx 1hr 25min or until cooked and left in tin to cool before turning out onto a wire tray to completely cool.

Next day I coloured some roll out icing in pink and covered the cake board and bottom of the cake. Then I mixed some butter cream and added some cocoa powder for a deep rich brown and chocolaty taste. I then put this into a piping bag and iced the top of the cake. This was then left to set overnight.

Meanwhile I made some small roses out of flower paste. I just rolled out a rectangle of flower paste then gradually shaped into a rose shape. I then made some leaves for the roses. These were then left to set. Then with a butterfly press I cut out the butterflies. These were placed into some foil in a v shape so they dried with their wings slightly open. When dry, I coloured with some coloured shimmer dust.

I then attached the roses and the butterflies to the cake to finish off.

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I want one
by: Dorris

I wished i had a mum as great as you! I'd ask her to bake me one of these for my birthday.

by: Lisa

I am going to make one of these next week for my daughter's 3rd birthday party at preschool and I wondered what you put around the base of the cupcake???

reply for lisa

hi Lisa i just used roll out icing, i crumb coated the base first then added the roll out icing, it's a bit fiddly but worth it in the end
best of luck

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Coolest Cupcake Ever 11

by Sarah
(Niagara Falls, Canada)

Homemade Cupcake Ever

Homemade Cupcake Ever

This homemade cupcake cake for my daughter's first birthday. She is my little cupcake so it seemed appropriate.

I purchased the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan from my local craft store, and filled it with regular cake mix. Make sure you use enough batter or it wont rise all the way and it wont stack properly. Trim the tops so they are flat and able to be stacked.

The bottom tiers are just round cakes which ever kind and size you like. Mine are 8" and 6".

I covered the tiers in fondant and decorated with fondant as well (just use water to make the fondant stick to each other), any style you choose. The confetti on top is also made from fondant circles. I also covered the bottom of the cupcake with fondant to make it look more like a paper wrapper, and iced the top of the cupcake as I would an ordinary cupcake.

*TIP* For the bottom of the cupcake I turned it upside before I covered it so the fondant would wrap up from the bottom. After it was covered I used the edge from a spatula handle to make the indents on the wrapper (these indents are also in the cake pan so it made it easy).

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by: Danielle

How many pounds of fondant did it take to complete this cake?

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Coolest CupCake Birthday Cake 14

by Maxine
(Swanley, Kent, UK)

Homemade CupCake Birthday Cake

Homemade CupCake Birthday Cake

I threw my daughter a fairy princess party for her 6th Birthday, so decided to do lots of mini fairy cakes and a giant CupCake Birthday Cake for her main cake.

I used a Jane Asher,lemon drizzle cake mix. Once cooled filled the centre with butter icing, as this helps to stick the rice paper to the cake. I found I had to apply more icing to act as a glue. (The paper case I made from sheets of rice paper from Tesco). It fanned really well. I moistened the edges and found they stuck together very easily.

I made butter icing and added blue food colouring, as this was my daughters favorite colour. Using a piping kit, applied the icing to the top of the cake. I used quite a lot to achieve the height.

To decorate I used pink edible sparkle sprinkles, edible dalmontes, edible silver stars, edible pink stars, edible pink glitter, edible lilac glitter, pearlescent hundreds and thousands, 5 flare candles and a candle that sang "Happy Birthday" for the centre.

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