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Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake

For my nephew’s 1st birthday, I made a Curious George birthday cake and a matching smash cake.  I wanted to bake something special that he would love. I know as a 1 year old he won’t remember, but he loves Curious George.

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  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake

I decided on a homemade white confetti cake. I found a very good recipe on It even includes a recipe to make your own sprinkles (which I ran out of time to do).  It is packed with beautiful sprinkles and has a very nostalgic vanilla flavor. I used the same batter for both the 9×13 and the smash cake.

For the smash cake, I made two 8″ layers and used a 6″ circle cookie cutter to cut out the middle to make it slightly smaller for him. Next, I researched images of Curious George for a long time and finally settled on just his face.

  • I made a basic buttercream for most of the frosting, including the base yellow layer, the tan color, and the red.
  • To tint the tan frosting, I used a 6:1:1 yellow:red:blue ratio.
  • I used a chocolate buttercream for the darker brown.
  • I frosted the whole cake with the yellow first.
  • After practicing the picture with pencil and paper a couple of times, I drew the outline in the yellow frosting with a toothpick.
  • I had 3 different frosting bags and couplers, so I was able to fill it in pretty quickly. I wasn’t quite sure what texture I had envisioned, but started by filling in the outline with dots and decided that looked ok, so I just continued until it was all covered, like a frosting color by numbers.
  • I just used the chocolate buttercream with the star tip to cover the sides of he smash cake.
  • Finally, I used the red to add borders and voila!

I cannot wait to see my nephew’s sweet face (or his parents’) light up tomorrow when he sees his Curious George birthday cake!

Curious George Birthday Cake

We made this Curious George birthday cake for our son’s fifth birthday.  The “special features” section on the Curious George 2 movie DVD explains how to draw Curious George step by step.  This was very helpful in helping us get the right dimensions for the face.

  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake

We bought two premade half sheet cakes from the grocery store and put one on top of the other with icing in between.  We cut it into the shape of George’s face.  We bought chocolate and white frosting and mixed them together to get light chocolate frosting.  We iced the top of the cake in light chocolate frosting in the shape of the face and used the darker chocolate frosting for the rest.  We practiced drawing the face lightly with a toothpick and then piped on details for the eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

For the “yellow hat” cake, we baked one cake in a very large round Pyrex measuring cup.  It took a long time to bake, about an hour and half, but we kept checking it with a toothpick to make sure it didn’t burn.  After it cooled, we put it on top of a sheet cake (cut into a circle) with lots of toothpicks underneath so that it wouldn’t cave in.  We found a little Curious George candle to put on top.  We tied a black ribbon around the bottom and added yellow glitter to the icing.  We made the Curious George cupcakes with big and little Nilla wafers and piped on the facial details.  We put them in banana cupcake holders.  For the party we also ordered a Curious George piñata, Curious George balloons, banana balloons and Curious George plates, cups, napkins, and party hats.  The children who attended took home mini Ty Bongo monkeys, Curious George Birthday Surprise books and Curious George bubbles for party favors.

My First Curious George Birthday Cake

I started making cakes in 2006 because (thank the Lord above), I decided to stop doing drugs and found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. It started really as just something to occupy my days, then quickly became a passion. Making cakes literally saved my sanity!

  • My First Curious George Birthday Cake
  • My First Curious George Birthday Cake

I gave away the first few (more like ten or twenty… lol) but soon had people saying ”Hey can u make this?” I would always say ‘I don’t know but I’ll try’. I bought a Wilton yearbook from Micheal’s and never looked back!  I would get a request and buy another book and finally decided to stop being a Dinosaur and get the Internet for help!

Years and many many cakes later, I had a request for a Curious George cake. I made the cake the day before it was due, only to realize it looked nothing like Curious George!!! It looked like a monkey, just not George!  I had the cake completely finished and couldn’t figure out what to do!

My niece said jokingly ”just cut his nose off and give him another one!”

I looked at it a while thinking “hey that just might work!” So i did just that.

I took a very sharp knife and cut his whole face off and having downloaded a pic of Curious George from Google, made him another face! This one looked much better and way more like George!  So here are the before and after the facelift photos.

The lady I did the Curious George birthday cake for never knew the struggle I had and said her child loved it!  I learned that sometimes the simplest answer is the best one!  I’ve had a few more cakes that have had problems that I thought would ruin the cake, but I always think of my niece and her advice and look for the simplest solution – and nine times out of ten, they work!!!

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